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BRANDONMORE: The stuff toilet lids and red rubber bracelets are made of.

As Hicks and I are entering our 20th year of living in Brandonmore, I was left pondering what makes this place so special. Hicks can testify that on Day 1 (a.k.a. April 16, 1996) I said, "This is it. This is HOME. We're never leaving." 7,200+ days later, the love has only deepened.

Many folks have passed through the hood over the years. Many have "moved on up" to bigger houses in fancier neighborhoods...and nearly all who have done so have expressed regret in leaving. "There's SOMETHING about this neighborhood. Where we live now, it's not special like Brandonmore." We've heard that sentence muttered time and time again.

What sets our hood apart? It's obvious, right? Toilet seats and rubber bracelets. Duh. If you're new here, allow me to explain...


Is there a toilet seat like this in your hood? I think not. As you can see, many asses have graced this mighty commode. Not only does it offer our esteemed guests the ultimate in padded comfort, it is the perfect medium upon which they can leave their indelible mark in this world. If your hood is lacking such an inspiring landmark, I implore you to be the trailblazer in your area and install one in your abode's commode. They're availabe at Walmart for less than $20; a miniscule investment for such a mighty impact.


You've seen rubber bracelets like these all over the place. This particular bracelet is unique to our hood. It's a Chipping Away at Parkinson's bracelet. You see, within our little hood, there's an unsettling concentration of folks who are afflicted by Parkinson's Disease. A group of neighbors came up with an inspired event to raise money in the quest for a cure – Chipping Away at Parkinson's: an 18-hole wiffle golf tournament, complete with a cookout/party, live music and a silent auction. Last year, the hood raised over $35,000!

I wear my bracelet every day because it is a constant reminder to me of how great our neighbors are and how fortunate we are to be living among them.

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