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Xavier athletics
I've had the distinct pleasure of working with the Xavier Athletic Department since 1995 (the same year that Xavier joined the A-10 Conference and Skip Prosser's first year as head coach). I'm especially proud of that fact because, prior to that time, Xavier had a reputation in the ad community of switching ad agencies every year or two. I've loved every minute of working with Xavier (as my personal everyday attire can attest...people are shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that I'm *gasp* NOT a Xavier grad). For the record, I'm a Miami RedSKIN). Here are a fewthings that I've done for them over the past year:



montgomery Inn
Montgomery Inn and I, we go way back. Back to '91...the year of Apartheid, "Thelma & Louise", and $1.12 gas prices. I'm their go-to graphic girl for their menus, their packaging and their mail order catalogs, among other things. They say, "Beej, can I have...?" and I say, "Sure." It's that simple, which is a beautiful thing.

ribs packaging

sauce ad
gift certificate

west chester glove
West Chester Glove is a new client that I've picked up over the past year. I help them out with package design. What's fun about them is that they're starting to turn me loose on textile designs and color stories for the actual gloves themselves. Other than designing t-shirts, I've not really had anything to do with textiles, so this is a new and exciting world for me. These type of projects force me to think forward...and think back to the days when my college roommate did intricate textile designs BY HAND. Bless her heart, I remember Suzanne working many nights, hunched over her art board with a single hair brush and what seemed like a million paint colors. Ahhh, college, how do I miss thee? Uh, NOT AT ALL.

Another great thing about these guys (well, they're gals, actually), is that when they suggest something to improve upon what I've put forth, they REALLY give me great direction. And, without fail, they're dead on. They're pushing me to be a better designer, and I'm eternally grateful.

original package < original package new package < package after I get to play

green grips

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World of Spanish
A lovely Venezuelan woman who teaches Spanish locally couldn't find any educational materials that she liked, so she's in the process of making her own books, flashcards, etc. This has been a very fun experience because I not only get to work with her and her illustrator friend, I also get to dust off my Spanish skills. Here is the cover and a spread from her first book. She uses her own kids as models for the characters: Mariana is in the purple flowered dress, Isabella is in the pink dress and Alejandro is the boy who is sitting down. They are all too cute, both in the book and in person.