Nelson’s Biscuits
of Wisdumb

"Justin will be home for the next three months. Wonder if I can teach him the fine art of napping."


Tiff's Night has officially moved to FRIDAYS! The next one is July 8
@ 8:00. It is pushed back by one week due to the Deck Crawl and subsequent recovery period.

Justin has upped his cool cred with these fashionable specs. And he can see now, which is nice, too.

Looking for the
Pretzel Recipe?

Click the Tasty Kitchen logo above and it'll take you right to it. I put it over there, because there are TONS of great recipes...and the ones submitted by Pioneer Woman have step-by-step photos, which are a godsend to those who are culinarily-challenged like me.


ah, the power of landscaping.

It's amazing what a little landscaping can do. Roll your cursor arrow over the image to see the "before" photo. Louiso Landscaping did the honors. Some of these shots don't quite line up exactly, but you'll get the gist. The last photo isn't a rollover, but it's purty and I wanted to include it.



And lo, the Beer Fort has been created.

...and it is good. Very, very good.

Nelson is adjusting to the outdoor lifestyle. It actually came to him quite naturally.

Here he is, comforted in the knowledge that it is, indeed, 5:00 somewhere.

Like, OMG, the site is totally shiny. What's going on?

Remember back in October when I said that I was going to work on the site, finally? Well, that created a torrent of client work (not complaining - just a statement of fact). So, today is really, REALLY, the day that I have a chance to hop in and play in the site.

There are two reasons why things are looking up here.

Thing 1: I just had an epiphany and figured out why the stuff I designed on my computer looked different than when on the actual internet. That's huge. I've been wrestling that element for years, using two different programs (which was very discouraging). And, as I suspected, it's as simple as a click. One very important, monumental, change-the-color-of-my-sky click. I'm a much more complete person because of it.

Thing 2: Hicks bought me the shiniest new-fangled camera, and I am having a blast playing and experimenting with that . The last nice camera I had was in college, in which I had to develop the film myself in a darkroom. Yeah, that long ago. Back when fire was discovered. You can head over to the Hood page to see what Ahnold (yeah, I named the camera, because he's THAT good) can do.

So, I'm going through and converting my pages over (and yes, updating the blog a bit...I'm surprised it hasn't atrophied into a 404 error). And so far, the conversion is going easily (see Thing 1) and now that I'm not quite as scared of this web-building program, I hope to hone my skills in order to be more marketable, thus getting more work so that I don't have time to tinker with this site. Oh, wait...