Ever wonder what Hicks is thinking? Wonder no more, gentle reader. Hicks'll give it to you straight...

Hicks' Thoughts

"Work" is such a misleading word for what I do. I sit at the computer and play. And others are kind enough to pay me to do it.

BJ's Work

If you want to take a virtual vacation, grab a cold beverage of your choice and click your way to Paradise. You will not be disappointed. We toiled tirelessly to bring you this scenery. You're welcome.

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Remember the time Brad Paisley played in the Beer Fort? Yeah, that was pretty great. And fictitious.

Wander into the Wonderful World of Hicks, BJ, Justin, Tilly and Poops.

We have a lot of fun around here. Just one look at our toilet seat and you'll be a believer.



WARNING: The excitement may be too much to handle.